Economy uptick! … Bus monitor fights bullying… and more

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Welcome to Wednesday, and everything you need to know, outside of the Republican and Democratic National Infomer—er, Conventions.

    • Homes, sweet homes. It could be the first rosy glimmer of light at the end of this stupid downturn: housing prices rose steadily from February to June. Will you sell your house? Magic 8 Ball says, “Reply hazy. Try again.” (Reuters)


    • Take that! Retired bus monitor Karen Klein made headlines—a lot of money—after the world saw her being taunted by school kids. We suggested she save her $700,000 windfall for retirement. Turns out she’s funneling $100,000 into an anti-bullying foundation. How about Judo lessons? (Good)


    • Young people these days. Millennials often get slammed as the indulged slacker generation. Yet mysteriously, many companies are bending over to retain these younger, more tech-savvy workers with incentives like express promotions and unlimited vacation policies. Q: Who’s making coffee and Xeroxing? Boomers?


  • Euro crisis returns—with a tan. It’s been so quiet across the pond, you might have thought all that sturm und drang was over. Nah. Europeans have just been on vacation. Never mind that Catalonia needs $5 billion, like, now, and Greece is still a disaster. Let’s go to the beach! Love that. (BBC)

Crazy talk. What are you and your pals buzzing about this week?

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