How to Look Like A CEO

Amanda - inventing ceo look

For most of my life, I didn’t have to take my image too seriously. My hippie-jock self found comfort in ponytails and flip-flops. And that was fine while I worked as a programmer who lived behind a computer.

But my company, DailyWorth, is growing. I’m being quoted in the pages of Real Simple, SELF and the Wall Street Journal. Everyone from CNN to ABC is calling me to come on air. This isn’t a matter of vanity—or even packaging—it’s a business issue.

I could make up a dozen excuses for not polishing my look. I’m a mom with two young kids; I don’t have time; I only own one suit; I can’t make a manicure last more than six hours.

But my CEO coach recently helped me rethink my image. A messy presentation creates noise that distracts from what I say and do.

Bottom line: looking the part of a CEO has little to do with ego and more about maximizing my reach as a leader and conduit for women’s financial empowerment.

Mirror, mirror. Do you feel your image reflects well on your company?

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