Goji Berries? I Don’t Think So

Goji Berries

Last year it was those pricey juice cleansers. Before that it was the pomegranate craze (hello, teeny bottle for $4.99), and then the superfood fad—with everyone buying kale and blueberries (and paying extra for organic).

Now there’s another wonder-food to invest in: Goji berries.

So drop that mug of green tea—that’s so 2009—and get with it. According to Greatist:

Goji berries’ history as a natural remedy for liver, eyesight, libido, and circulation problems makes ‘em at least worth a try.

To be sure, Goji berries have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years in China, India, and Tibet.

But at $60 for a two-and-half pound bag, I’ve got another natural remedy for ya: it’s called hanging onto your cash and spending on stuff you actually want, like a new sofa, a kick-ass suit, a life-changing massage.

I’m calling my natural remedy Mo’cash. It’s guaranteed to lower stress while boosting your buying power and savings rate—simultaneously!

Watch for our infomercials on late-night TV. Or better yet, forward this email to friends so they can get…Mo’cash!


Power Point
A 2009 government study found that Americans spend about $34 billion a year on complementary and alternative remedies–almost as much as on prescriptions.

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