What’s Your Debt Threshold?

mint.com debt infographic

Debt is a mainstay of modern life. It’s hard to buy a home, a car, or (let’s face it) get through the holidays without leaning on credit somewhere.

In fact, you could argue that the definition of being in debt has shifted, in large part thanks to the ubiquity of credit cards.

Many people carry a balance, but don’t consider themselves “in debt”, i.e. fiscally irresponsible.

But where is that line? How much debt is too much—before you’re really in over your head? Mint.com polled over 700 readers to find out where they stand. Teaser: 48% said carrying any debt was too much!

Check out the infographic to see what the other half said.

I owe, I owe. Do you think people’s definition of “debt” has changed?

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