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You’ve heard about the attacks on U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya yesterday. The U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three staff members, were killed.

That the violence happened on 9/11 casts a deeper shadow over these terrible events. But the idea that they could become a weapon of political destruction in our presidential race is crazy. (USA Today)

Turning to Europe…economic fears of a euro crash are abating on the news that Germany finally approved a 700 billion euro “crisis-fighting fund”, called the European Stability Mechanism. We’ll clink to that. (Yahoo Finance)

On Facebook…why do moms post pix of their kids as a profile photo, instead of using a picture of themselves? Feminist author Katie Roiphe rants—and misses the point. Our kids are cuter! (Financial Times)

Fashion Week…is overwhelming, as usual, but FabSugar spotlights styles you’ll actually want to wear in this smart slide show. Our faves: dark red leather, winter white-out, and wiiiide belts. (FabSugar)


Out of the Box
Hundreds of families from the Northeast will march on the FreddieMac headquarters today to protest unfair foreclosures. (The RealDeal)


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