Just a Few Small Changes

looking at bills

You pay your bills online, check your balances on your phone—you even use apps to shop.

But guess what, Ms. Digital? Until they invent an app that can run your financial life, brushing up on financial basics is still the way to get the most from your money.

That’s why DailyWorth is teaming up with Woman’s Day on a new feature called “Small Change”. It’s one simple thing you can do to strengthen your fiscal core. (Crunches not required.)

First up, an eye-opening primer on reading your bank statement. Now that banking is electronic—deposits, debits, auto-transfers—you need to unpack the terms and fees, and know where your cash is going.

Here’s to small changes that will make your wallet happier.


Out of the Box
Did you know that 62% of Americans have never checked their credit report—or that 65% don’t have a will? Get those basics in place.


Back to basics. Which basic money skill do you think is most important?