Quit Scrambling, Start Planning

Aviva Goldfarb

The Six O’Clock Scramble, a daily dinner planner, has been helping working moms overcome suppertime stress for almost 10 years. Founder Aviva Goldfarb shares some morsels of wisdom.


Given all your experience, what is the best way to save on meals?
Your grocery list is truly your money-saving secret weapon. Depending on which study you read, Americans waste between 25% and 50% of the food they buy. That’s like burning money.

Our readers say that by shopping for specific meals, they save about $75 a week, because buying what you really need, you eat out or get takeout less often.

Do you cook every night?
I just posted on Facebook that my family had cereal for dinner the other night! It still happens.

But I also think it’s a good idea to not cook at least once a week so you can finish up leftovers—another great way to reduce waste.

How do you get rid of pantry build-up, i.e. random cans of soup, bags of lentils?
Just enter the ingredients you want to use up into any recipe search engine—the Scramble, Epicurious, whatever. That’s another great way to save.

Out of the Box
Saturday (no surprise) is the most popular grocery shopping day, according to Bundle.com. So shop mid-week, when sales start and it’s less crowded.

Soup’s on! How are you coping with the rising cost of food?