What’s Your Holiday Strategy?

Angela Keller earring and Joyce Aysta card

Photo: earrings by Dolce Beada and holiday card by Live Your Dream Designs

Americans spent $52 billion on Black Friday weekend in 2011. How will you earn your portion of this spending-frenzied time of year?

Angela Keller, Italian glass bead artisan and founder of Dolce Beada does about 40% of revenue in the holiday season.

In a phone interview from her studio in Los Gatos, California, she says: Don’t get distracted by so many opportunities to market—figure out what works and stick to it. I’d rather do a church show for $50 than spend $800 on a giant craft show, where I may not make my money back.

She’s also had success promoting through Handmadeology and by participating in Free Shipping Day in Canada and the United States.

Origami greeting card designer Joyce Aysta of Live Your Dream Designs does most of her business in the third quarter.

After 20 years in business, she’s learned to get her corporate holiday card designs on her website by June 1st, and finalize corporate bulk and wholesale orders by Sept 30. “I book most of my revenue in third quarter, and then spend October and November producing everything that’s been booked,” Aysta says.

Be prepared. What are you doing to ramp up this holiday season?

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