Out With the Old, In With the ‘You’

Tara Gentile

Part one of a series on the new You Economy: thriving in a climate of reinvention and self-direction.

Millions of Americans have faced career challenges, job loss, or job changes in the last few years. The upside is that the old rules for success are disappearing—fast—and new opportunities are emerging.

It just takes new reflexes to jump on them.

Your first step into the You Economy: Put just as much value on your skills as you do on your job.

Denied a promotion a few years ago, I went home and wrote out two lists. One list was all the things I could do really well. The other list was all the companies and organizations I knew would pay for those skills, if I gave them the chance.

Ask yourself: What skills do you have that companies or clients are looking for right now? With so many industries in flux—from media to medicine—you may be able to adapt old talents for new jobs.

Which ones should you be developing, as we speak?

Out of the Box
A USA Today snapshot poll this week found that 59% of Americans would choose a different career, if they could do it all over again.


Think big. What skills will help you advance in 2013?


Tara Gentile is a business strategist for entrepreneurs making a difference through commerce in the You Economy. She’s also the co-founder of Kick Start Labs, a microbusiness accelerator.