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Bank of America and Merrill Lynch settlement

Legal trouble. Since it acquired Merrill Lynch in 2008, Bank of America has been entangled in a series of pricey legal battles. A high note, literally, was last week's $2.43 billion payout to settle a class-action lawsuit in which plaintiffs claimed the bank allegedly misled shareholders about Merrill's losses. [HuffPo]

  • Power trip. Some of the world’s most important thought leaders are gathering today for Fortune’s yearly Most Powerful Women Summit down in Laguna Niguel, CA. You can attend online, in case you didn’t make the invitation-only cut.
  • Peak performance. Forget being a better time manager. To get more from your day, learn to analyze when your body’s rhythms best suit certain tasks. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Too good to be true. The payroll tax break may expire in January, and millions of families could see their incomes shrink by hundreds (in some cases thousands) a year. Economists worry that people will spend less, thus putting jobs and businesses at risk. [New York Times]

Power Point
Half the Sky” premieres tonight on PBS. The new documentary is based on Sheryl WuDunn’s and Nicholas Kristof’s powerful book about ways to give women around the globe greater economic opportunity.


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