Gestating…in Style

Pregnant Woman

I’m one of the least fashionable people I know. So how is it possible that I’ve spent over $800 on new clothes lately?  I got pregnant, that’s how.

But a handful of new companies are offering mothers-to-be a solution a la Rent the Runway: now you can “borrow” your maternity wardrobe, at reasonable rates, by the month. Renting makes sense if…
…looking the part is part of your job, and you need a lot of variety. Spend your money renting instead of buying and you’ll end up with a much bigger maternity closet.

…you can get by just purchasing a few mix-and-match maternity basics, but you don’t want to spend cash you’ll never recoup on big-ticket items like suits, coats, and formalwear.
I tried two services:

* Mine for Nine. Monthly cost: $12 (t-shirt) to $76 (wool winter coat). Free shipping on orders over $75. Cost includes professional cleaning.

* Fashion Forward Maternity offers most items for $23.50 (including designer jeans). An evening gown will run you $50, but most versatile work pieces are $23.50.

Both companies sent high-quality clothes. But with free “carbon offset” shipping both ways and cheaper high-end pieces, Fashion Forward Maternity wins hands-down on value.

Borrow for Your Bump is the third major player on the rental scene right now. Not into renting? I’ve found decent deals on clothes (that will last…a few months) at Burlington, Target, Motherhood, and Macy’s.

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