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MP and Anderson Cooper

Not only did Anderson Cooper and his co-host today, financial guru Suze Orman, pack a ton of value into Anderson Live—off camera, a young pastor from Michigan, one Katie Baker, did “the Worm.”

Seeing my first “Worm” was just one of the perks of being a live tweeter on today’s show. Plus, here are three highlights I don’t want you to miss:

    • #1 viewer tip: If you dry your razor after each use, the blades will last longer. Even Suze said, “I’m going to try that!”.


    • My fave Suze tip: In counseling a couple deep in debt today ($86,000), Suze noted that you can’t solve a money fight by talking about…money.

      Angry discussions spiral around bills and balances, but most squabbles have deeply personal roots. It takes courage to look at what old yearnings are still influencing your behavior now. Amen.


  • Top off-cam Anderson moment: During one of the breaks, a guy in the audience asked AC where he buys his black t-shirts. Anderson laughed, but then said he gets them at Urban Outfitters. How real is that?

Out of the Box
Don’t you wish you could hit “mute” on some of the holiday madness? Apparently 75% of Americans say that stores should hold off on holiday music and decorations until after Thanksgiving.


Go live. If you could get one of your money tips on AndersonLive, what would it be

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