My Storm Sanity Strategy

Amanda Steinberg

I’m working hard to avoid the Frankenstorm frenzy, which looks like the divorces of many of my close friends. It’s the end of the world! Fill your bathtubs with water! Hope we all SURVIVE! 

Rather than get sucked into the drama, I’m working through the storm in a way that’s similar to my finances:

    • I have my reserves—my growing savings accounts (and my stockpiles of water). But I’m not getting too overwhelmed with “am I saving enough,” or “will we survive the storm”?

      Instead, I remember that I have family and friends walking distance from my apartment. We won’t starve. Maybe the storm will be fun—a chance to build a fort with my kids, or drive over to my friend Susie’s house, as long as we can actually make it to our car.


  • There’s only so much you can predict, so do what you can, and just breathe. I saved $600 last month, across my retirement, curveball, and emergency funds. It’s not the $1,000 I hold myself to most months, but things come up (ER bill from my ulcer—it’s ok! I’m fully recovered!).

    I’m not going to waste an ounce of energy shaming myself. Instead, I’m reminding myself to breathe.

Will someone come dance in the rain with me?

Come play. What’s your emotional strategy for weathering storms?

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