Two Things About Hiring

Amanda Steinberg

One key to growing a business is the ability to delegate. If you’re attached to doing everything yourself, you’ll be too stressed out to run the company.

You need to play to your strengths—and hire other people to do what you’re not great at. In the many businesses I’ve started and operated, I’ve learned never to do my own accounting. All of my time goes to bringing in new business, not billing and payables. 

Whether your first hire is full- or part-time, here are two tips on hiring to insure you get what you need from the people you want to hire:


Give new hires a four-week project to start. This fills an immediate need for you, but also buys you time to assess their true abilities before you commit longer term.


2.Don’t hire someone because you like them. Hire them because they have the skills to do the job—and they’ve done it before.

One big mistake people make is hiring someone they gel with. There’s no correlation between how much you like a contractor and their ability to do the job.


Be the boss. How do you hire so that you don’t have to fire?