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Let’s put aside partisan politics for a moment, and take a different look at the much-touted gender gap that supposedly could sway the election.


Right now, polls indicate that Romney has a stronger lead with male votes; Obama leads with female voters. We say: How do you know until all women are voting?


Yes, some 10 million more women than men voted in the 2008 presidential election. But within that gender gap is another gap: married women versus unmarried women. 

Guess who is less likely to vote?

In the 2010 mid-term elections, only 30% of unmarried women with kids voted, compared to 40% of unmarried women without kids.
And 47% of married women who have kids voted, versus 58% of married women without.
While it seems that women with kids have a harder time getting to the polls (and married women have a stronger turnout)–we’re barely cracking 50%, people.
Whatever your preferences are in this election, the greater point is to get out and make your voice heard. Or drive a friend and her kids to the polls.
Close the gap, rock the vote.


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In the booth. What motivates you to get out and vote?

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