The Upside of Excess

red shoes We’ve all heard the advice: Get enough sleep, don’t overdo the cocktails, and give yourself time to slow down, meditate, get centered.

In other words, strive for balance—in your diet, life, and finances. Because then all will be well, right? You’ll be happy, solvent, thin and Zen.

Or not. How many busy, creative, passionate women do you know who have figured out the perfect equation of work, rest and fun? Who never stay up too late, have one too many glasses of wine, plow through a pint of ice cream in a single sitting, or buy a pair of cute shoes they don’t need?

OK, maybe you know one woman like that, but she’s probably kind of boring. Or you hate her. What’s crazy is that living a balanced life is supposed to make us all feel less stressed, so we strive for it–then get stressed out when we fail.

Let yourself off the hook about the balance thing. Right now. Sometimes, you’ve just got to have those shoes. Or ice cream. Or a whole day without the kids. Or you need to spend 14 hours passionately absorbed in a work project.

Or you wake up feeling so aimless that you spend an entire Saturday morning on Facebook instead of going to the gym.

You slip up. You fall down. You live a little too hard, have a little too much fun, get a little too intense sometimes. It’s ok. In fact, the unbalanced life is sometimes just what you need.

Go nuts. What are some benefits of going overboard?

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