A Joint Holiday Solution


You and your mate own your share of financial friction, but you hate it when money tension messes with your holiday spirit. Solution?

Join our Date Night Extravaganza! By pledging to set aside a little togetherness time in the coming weeks—just to relax, don’t even discuss what you’re getting his mom (please)—you can tap some of that seasonal joy, and stay focused on what matters most to you both.

Whether it’s planning a cup of coffee, a concert, a fireside snuggle (or all of the above), you’ll reap the double benefit of feelin’ the love—and keeping the channels of communication open, so decisions and purchases are more fun, less fraught.

Whoops, did we say that four-letter word—plan? Yup, in order to reap your warm fuzzy windfall a certain amount of calendar-based interaction is required. Or even a text: Hon, u free nxt Tues for drinks? Why, yes.

Get date night ideas—and be entered for a chance to win a $1,200 shopping spree—with our partners How About We and StyleMadeSimple.


Out of the Box
Three out of four married couples squabble about money and expenses, particularly not having enough for things they want, or disagreeing about where their money should go.


Two for tea. How do you plan to put some sizzle in your holidays?