Holiday Card Rapid Execution Plan

Amanda Steinberg

In my life-long desire to seem somewhat “domestically inclined”—as opposed to my reality as an executive mom always running for trains, tripping over unfolded laundry, stepping on Legos (ouch)—I’ve struggled with certain holiday obligations.


But I’m determined to do one thing right this year: send out cards, wishing joy to all of my friends and family. It seems so simple, yet every year, the cards start coming in, and I’m sad because I don’t have one to send.


This year will be different. Here’s my plan and how much it will cost.

    • Snap cute picture of my two kids by Sunday. Hopefully my 6-year-old will keep his tongue in his mouth.


    • Collect mailing addresses of friends and family using a Google form, which can easily be exported in Excel format.


    • Design card using my trusty favorite Shutterfly. I’m budgeting $1.50 per card—and I plan to send about 75 cards.

      I’m using Shutterfly because they allow you to upload mailing addresses, and they will print and mail your cards directly (I won’t even see them) for an additional $.99 domestic or $1.49 international per card.

      Total cost: $186.75. 


  • Click DONE.

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Send. How do you spread holiday cheer this time of year?