Get Your Gift Stash Ready

Ever gotten ready for a holiday get-together only to realize at the last minute that you (dun-dun-DUN) have no gift?


Do not panic-sweat through your festive attire. Instead, create a holiday gift closet now, before the ‘daze begins—a time-saver and a sanity-saver, all in one.


Buy multiples of charming, inexpensive, and (almost) universally appealing presents. Stash them with a pack of gift bags and tissue paper. A mixed dozen of the items below will get you through the holidays with grace and ease—and for about $100.


Crate and Barrel bottle stoppers


Sip, sip, hooray! Pair bright bottle stoppers with dripless wine pourers ($2.95 each) to help any hostess stay sane—and protect carpet from the red wine everyone else brought.

Umbra jack ring holder


Ring in good cheer. This jack-shaped ring holder ($8) pulls double duty as a bauble organizer and a quirky accent piece.

Fresh petit soap


Get fresh. A classic Petit soap ($12) helps your friend unwind after a long day of holiday stress (er, cheer), or she can tuck it into her drawer as a sachet.

Stoneware farmer's market baskets


Prettify the fridge. Stoneware farmers’ market baskets ($14) are a cheeky way to store produce or display goodies. Fill ’em with candies for added gift gusto.

Manly candles


Channel your inner dude. Give the gift of “manly” candles ($14) the whole fam will enjoy in earthy aromas like Campfire and Fresh Cut Grass. (No guarantees on the pizza scent.)



Stock up. What’s your favorite works-for-anyone holiday gift?

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