Meet the Savings Challenge Winners

A huge shout out to the thousands of DailyWorth readers who pledged to save $500 these last few weeks, despite approaching holiday craziness.

And a big congratulations to our two winners, who proved that a little ingenuity can really fatten your wallet!

Each gets a $500 holiday boost from us. That’s a lot of gifts. Here’s how they saved, and how they plan to spend their windfalls.

JennelleJennelle, Lake Tahoe, CA: Being part of this challenge helped me set a tangible goal I wouldn’t normally have set for myself. With a combination of buying in bulk, using coupons, and splitting my savings into different buckets, I was able to set aside $450 in five weeks—more than I ever have in one year! When I combine those savings with the $500 prize… watch out Toys for Tots!
HeatherHeather, Denver, CO: As a freelancer, my cash flow can vary, so saving can get tricky. I committed to saving $15 per week, and whenever I scored a deal on something, I moved the difference in price over to my savings as well. Those small steps added up to $200 in two months. Now I can afford to get holiday gifts AND get my car fixed!


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Nice save. How much did you stock away during the holiday challenge?

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