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Tom Cole

Out on a limb and over the…In a shocking break with GOP tax script, Oklahoma rep Tom Cole said in an interview yesterday that he is encouraging fellow Republicans to accept a key part of Obama’s plan.

Obama is proposing that certain Bush-era tax breaks remain in place for Americans with incomes of $250,000 or less—but that rates rise on higher incomes. Cole is saying the GOP should go for it.

It’s yet another crack in the wall of the Republicans' pre-election orthodoxy opposing any and all tax hikes. (Did you know that for decades now, uber-lobbyist Grover Norquist has made incoming GOP members of Congress sign an anti-tax pledge?

But is Cole’s move for real? Or is this simply another theatrical twist in the Fiscal Cliff drama that won’t end? Stay tuned…unfortunately. (Huffpo, WSJ)

And speaking of a jackpot…In case you’ve been thinking, Powerball, wtf—$500 million?—it seems that just like super storms, we can expect more super-size prizes. Why? Because the 33 states that run Powerball just doubled the cost of each ticket, from one buck to two. Hello, math. (Marketplace)

In global news…Kate Middleton changed her hairstyle. Crowds went wild. Because that’s about all that Europe has to look forward to these days. (USAToday)

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