Questions for Gabrielle Bernstein, Founder of HerFuture

gabrielleGabrielle was just one year out of college, when she co-founded the Women’s Entrepreneurial Network, a non-profit professional organization that connects female entrepreneurs. Her lecture, Falling in Love with Your Future is regularly presented at the Learning Annex, Femalethink, The Give and Take Network, New York University, Fashion Institute of Technology, Columbia College, Baruch College, Georgetown University and other venues. Visit to learn more about Gabrielle.

q: What can women do to boost their self-worth?
a: The most significant thing a woman can do to boost her self-worth is be conscious of her thoughts. Her thoughts inform everything around her. If she believes in herself, the world will too. Our most important job on this planet is to proactively clean up our thoughts.

q: What does money mean to you?
a: Money is the outward result of an inward belief. When you believe deeply in your personal and professional value, then you can expect abundance. When your work is aligned with positive intentions, you can be confident that you’re totally hooked up.

q: You employ a team of dedicated women. What advice do you have for fellow entrepreneurs looking to do the same?
a: Make sure that the people you work with share your vision. Their intentions must align with yours. The power of a collective conscience of women in alignment with one another is immeasurable.

If you are in start-up phase, be sure to get innovative when hiring. There are many unique ways to work with people. You can barter services, offer commissions or a combo deal. If people believe in what you are doing, they are going to want to show up for the party.

Honor the women who work for you! I have a sisterly bond with all of the women on my team and hope to stand next to them for many years to come. Their dedication to this mission is invaluable.

q: Finish this sentence: Every day, it’s important that I …
a: Everyday it’s non-negotiable that I pray, meditate, work out, help someone, stay positive and love myself.

q: What are your three favorite books or websites?
My three favorite books are A Course in Miracles, A Woman’s Worth by Marianne Williamson, and Living in the Light by Shakti Gawain

q: What are your favorite websites?
a: and not because I founded the website. Herfuture is one of my favorite healing tools. If I ever feel low in energy, I log on to the site and immediately feel lifted. I also love and

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