Warren vs. Wall St….Why We Give…& more

Elizabeth Warren

Photo Source: Darren McCollester/Getty Images

Elizabeth & Goliath. She may be a Senate newbie, but reports indicate that Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) has just landed a seat on the powerful Senate banking committee—the better to continue her crusade for consumers’ financial rights.


It’s pretty remarkable given that big financial companies pushed hard to oust Warren last year, when she was poised to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But she’s baaaack. Is it a coincidence that Citi also just announced 11,000 layoffs? Hmmm. (HuffPo)


Giving insight. Is regifting lame? Is an expensive gift better? Does the thought count? According to studies of gift-giving, the answers are: No, no, and no. People don’t much care if you regift; a pricey gift isn’t more appreciated; what people want is stuff they’ve asked for. Duh. (WSJ)


So nutty. Despite 20 years of attempts to entice Europeans to eat more peanut butter, the classic American spread has not gained traction across the pond. Too bad, because U.S. farmers have a bumper crop of 6.1 billion pounds of peanuts on their hands. (NPR)


Private offering. You have until Monday, Dec. 10, to vote on Facebook’s new policies, including users’ ability to weigh in on privacy issues. Speak now, or hand over your baby pix.


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