Cut Where You Can

Self-SabotageWith the economy on sick leave, everyone is talking about tightening their belts. Maybe you should too. Here are three simple ways to spearhead your expense-cutting campaign:

  • Your cell phone. If you're using more than your allotted minutes per month – and paying extra for it – upgrade your plan. $20 per month could save you far more in extra minutes and overage fees.
  • Your lunch. Make a little extra food at dinner, or throw something together the night before and stick it in the fridge. It's easy, it's a lot cheaper than eating out every day (even at the corner deli), and it's healthier. Sounds like a Triple Crown winner.
  • Your TV. Do you really watch 600 channels? Probably not. But you're paying for them. Your cable company offers a range of packages, so check out the less expensive options.


Of course, there are plenty of expenses in our lives that could use a trim – clothes shopping and travel are a couple that come to mind. But these three are easy to tackle, and you'll see some satisfying results right away. So what are you waiting for? Get out the scissors!


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by @AmandaSteinberg

Yesterday's DailyWorth Ask for More. 30.4% More." drummed up some convo on Twitter:

@aaanimals #dailyworth – have you read "Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office"? Great book, very helpful for any age.

@Mikelann Affirm: "I deliver a valuable service and I am worthy of receiving fabulous money."

@AVFramingGal can't believe we are still even talking about this in 2009!

@starweaver we don't value ourselves and fight for it. It's still a subserviant thing on a subconscious level

@DrugPolicyNews well damn. has that actually gotten worse in the last decade? {My reply: I think it's just a case of different studies/different measures. Regardless, it's quite lame.}

@mommommom ARGH.