Source Opportunities on the Street

Amanda Steinberg

Potential customers are everywhere—are you talking to enough strangers? Make a New Year’s resolution to start now—and keep it up in 2013.

You don’t just have to go to conferences to network and grow your business

When I was in web development, I sourced multiple contracts from executives I met on Amtrak between Philadelphia and New York. Even today, instinctively, I look for open seats next to people who look interesting. 

Just recently I met with a new advertiser for DailyWorth—whom I’d met on a plane in October. 

Arbitrary? Completely.

Do you have to talk to everyone? Not at all. After just a few minutes you can figure out if there’s a professional reason to continue talking. 

And not everyone will want to talk to you. I’ve gotten the “don’t talk to me I’m busy” shrug plenty of times. No problem! Back to my laptop.

Reflecting on my 12-year career as entrepreneur, I’ve realized that so much of my success comes from openness to strangers. Powerful, influential people are everywhere. Next time you spot one, introduce yourself.  

Hello, there. What’s the boldest move you’ve taken to make a new contact?

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