Julie Powell: My Personal Take on Money

Julie Powell

Julie Powell’s rise from blogger to amateur chef to bestselling author was immortalized in the hit movie Julie & Julia. Here, she dishes up her thoughts on money. 

What does “wealth” mean to you?
Peace of mind. Sure, I’d love a villa in Tuscany and all the pretty clothes in the world, but mostly I crave a good night’s sleep with no tossing and turning over money problems.


If you won $100,000 and had to donate it, which cause would you pick?
I love simple, ingenious solutions.  Did you hear about those teenaged girls in Africa who invented a generator that runs on urine?  I would totally give them $100,000.


What’s your deepest financial fear?
I have a crippling phobia of debt, and since entering my 30s have made my way without even a single credit card. That might change, and it terrifies me.


What’s your favorite splurge?

How would you redefine/recast the American Dream?
I think building some impenetrable fortress of fortune and fame is not only a twisted misinterpretation of the American Dream, it’s not even desirable.  I wish we could be more focused on creating a broad, well-educated, middle class with the flexibility and sense of fun to just do cool shit together in innovative ways.


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