Shampoo, tissues, and some cute gifts

Let’s be honest: you still need gifts, but you’re running out of time. Worry not! With pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens going upscale, you can put together a grab-and-go list of goodies that can piggyback onto that stop for Advil.



Rosebud SalveFor your jet set neighbor. Pick up flight-friendly treats: a mini-Marvis Cinnamint Toothpaste, $6, a tin of does-it-all Smith’s Rosebud Salve, $6 and an Essence Of Beauty Gel Eye Mask, $5. Total: less than $20, about the same as a bottle of wine, without the extra stop.
JR Watkins Hand SoapFor a last-minute party. Skip the flowers and surprise the hostess with a potpourri of home products she’ll actually use: a charming, olde-time bottle of J.R. Watkins Naturals Liquid Hand Soap, $5, and room spray in a matching scent, $4 (or Mrs. Meyer’s, if you prefer).
Keeki Nail KitThe 8-going-on-18-year-old niece. Can’t find a Furby to save your life? Remain calm and pick up the Keeki Holiday Nail Gift Set, $45—it’s cheaper and cuter than that creepy furry thing, anyway. The kit comes with four biodegradable, non-toxic, water-based polishes (aka: kid-friendly) and one non-toxic polish remover.


Out of the Box
Spend less emotional capital on daily stress, experts advise. Why? If you let the little stuff get to you, you end up with fewer resources when a crisis strikes. Funny: It’s the same with money.


Little gifts rule. What are some of your favorite last-minute pick-ups?