Day 1: Set Up a Reward Strategy

friends jogging

It’s the post-holiday lull. Your bank account is thinner (your butt feels fatter)—and you want to get back to normal. Can you do it in a week? No. But you can get yourself in great shape for the New Year with our simple four-day Money Fit Plan.

Day 1: Avoid disciplinary action.

If you’re tempted to drag out your inner drill sergeant so you can feel like you’re getting serious about your money plans, skip it.

Set up your 2013 reward system instead.

In the same way that giving yourself permission to indulge (occasionally) can help you stick to a diet, lining up meaningful incentives will help you stay motivated around money goals for the coming year.

Let’s say you’d like to sort out your asset allocation or overhaul your insurance plans.  Now pair those tasks with a list of tangible rewards for reaching those markers. 

It’s called positive reinforcement, people.


Calling a financial planner or reviewing 401k accountNew bracelet from Shopbop.
Making an appointment with a lawyer to set up a willLong phone call + relaxing beverage with the friend you’ve been missing lately.



For the win. How are you going to reward yourself for reaching your money goals?