Day 3: The Upside of Lazy

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It’s the post-holiday lull. You don’t feel like doing anything. And in fact, the less you do the better, with our four-day Money Fit plan. Stoke your vision and motivation, then…

Day 3: Make 2013 the year of doing less.

It’s easier to do the right thing when you make it easy. Lay out your gym clothes and call your running buddy the night before—and you’ve just upped your chances that you’ll do those 2.5 miles. Why? Because you prevent last-minute avoidance.

The same goes for your cash. Not only are you a more efficient investor and saver when you set up automatic deposits, you end up with more money. Why? Because you’re doing an end-run around that natural human resistance to putting money away.

Net result: a fatter portfolio or emergency fund.

This hiatus between the holidays is an ideal time to get yourself ahead for the new year.

Do a little now: call your broker, or get online and either set up or increase your contributions (what a difference a mere 1% bump can make!).

Doing less = a lot more cash down the line.

Excuse you. What’s the dumb excuse that stops you from tackling your goals?