Day 4: Don’t Fear the Digits


The New Year is rising. And you’re ready for a fresh start. Our four-day Money Fit plan is designed to get you scrubbed and ready.

Day 4: Become a numbers gal.

Studies show that checking your numbers regularly—regarding your weight or your wallet—can help you stick to a goal.

But there’s something stomach-twisting about confronting numerical reality. There’s always a judgment attached. You’re ahead, you’re behind; it’s too much, it’s not enough.

The benefit of checking your financial plans and progress regularly is that the anxious feeling goes away—replaced by a pleasant sense of control. Especially if you have a system, like this chart.

Identify what you want to improve; get specific about the goal; check your progress at the same time as other tasks.

Personal savingsMake sure you can cover a vacation, celebration (or emergency).The same day you pay your mortgage or rent.
RetirementMake sure your portfolio is balanced, contribs are steady.Two to four times a year: When you pay property or estimated taxes, or car insurance.
PlanningUpdate your will, power of attorney, insurances, or 401k beneficiaries.Whenever there is a major life change (job, illness, death).


Punch that ticket. Do you have a system for tackling financial chores?