Guess You Need a Plan

end of the world weather forecast

You knew the world wasn’t going to evaporate on 12/21/12, despite what the Mayan calendar (and various interpretations) might have predicted.

But it is the end of a year, with a new one coming, and you do need a plan. This Year-End Cheat Sheet from MSN Money is just what the financial planner ordered.

This infographic, by financial expert Liz Pulliam Weston, is smart and practical—and packed with reminders we could all use right now. Given that life is about to continue.

The only bit we’d quibble with is the “year-end” part. Yes, you can cram these tasks into your holiday week. Ahahaha.

A better way to execute on these nine great tips is to pick the three or five that apply to you, and plug them into your personal calendar for 2013. (We like #9: Plan for major non-monthly expenses.)

In fact, you can do that right now. And end up feeling like a shiny, new world order actually is about to begin.

Holiday Money Protection
And speaking of useful infographics, here is a must-read from Billguard, the anti-fraud service: 6 Top “Grey Charges” that are either illegal or unwanted.


Bet your life. Do you have a plan for 2013? Do you believe in making plans? Do you wish you did?

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