Secrets of a Power Mompreneur

Erin Condren

Eleven years ago, Erin Condren learned she was pregnant—with twins. 

Instead of collapsing after the babies fell asleep, Condren, now 43, devoted her nights to designing and producing a customized stationery line, and eventually a line of apparel.

Today, those babies are tweens and Condren is running Erin Condren Design, a company with over 100 staffers, 100,000 customers and $7 million in sales this year. How did she do it? Here, the three lessons she learned along the way:


You need stamina: “In the early days, I’d put my babies to bed at 7:30 PM, put the coffee pot on, work until midnight and then go to Kinko’s where they’d cut my stationery stacks. I’d be in bed at 2 AM and up with the kids at 6. Luckily, I don’t need much sleep.”


You need a strategy. “Early on, I created ‘Presidential Days,’ an idea I stole from a friend who was working at the White House. She told me that every step of the president’s day is scripted and scheduled. I adopted a similar system, so that I’d meet a very specific list of goals for every hour of my day.”

3.You need to go the extra mile: “As a startup, I knew I had to get my product into the hands of customers. So when I got an order, I’d send a double batch. Obviously, you can’t do this if your product is leather handbags, but when you’re an entrepreneur it pays to be generous.”


Recipe for success. How do you put extra muscle into your business?