$61 billion due…Wal-Mart hearts America & more

CNN Debt Ceiling infographic

Photo Source: Emily Carter/CNN Money

Fun FAQ. Sick of hearing about the debt ceiling? Squeeze in just one more read. This fact-filled article breaks down what’s really at stake if the government can’t borrow more cash to pay its debts.

Tidbit: Starting Feb. 15 some $61 billion in Social Security benefits are due, but the feds might only be able to cover 60% of that. Not hair-raising enough? Season 2 of Girls just started. (CNN Money)

Survival guide. When Chanel Reynold’s husband was hit by a truck in 2009, she was not only devastated by grief, but “shocked by the number of things we had left disorganized or ignored,” she writes on her new site, Get Your S*** Together. GYST offers basic end-of-life plans, checklists, and encouragement so you won’t have to face financial chaos if there’s a crisis in your life. (NYT)

Buy local. Wal-Mart said it will to buy an additional $50 billion of American-made goods over the next five years to help the economy along—and hire 100,000 veterans. Sound like sweethearts? Critics say the discount giant should make a bigger impact by paying its workers better. (Reuters)

Really?? TV sports anchor ogles a quarterback’s model girlfriend, seen cheering from the stands, during a recent college game. Incident sparks Twitterfest. Model girlfriend lands Super Bowl gig. What? And you thought Kardashamania was baffling. (Yahoo)