Are You Rich? How to Feel Like It

woman on sofa

Are you rich?

If you earn more than $400,000 a year, you’re one of the lucky, wealthy people to be hit with a higher federal tax rate this year. Anyone whose income tops about $370,000 makes it into the top 1% of earners, according to IRS data. And having $1 million in assets makes you—well, a millionaire.

But falling into one of those camps doesn’t mean you feel flush. Amazingly, a quarter of the millionaires surveyed by investment firm Fidelity last year said they don’t consider themselves wealthy. It depends how you define “rich.” It can also depend on where you live—it’s harder to feel loaded in a pricey city—and who you hang out with.

When you look up affluent in the Oxford English Dictionary dictionary, one definition says:

A flowing towards a particular point; a general movement of people in any direction, a concourse, a moving crowd.

Fluidity. Moving through life knowing that you have it handled, whether you’re six figures or not. Explore what rich means to you, and you may discover that a sense of wealth is more attainable than you thought.

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