What’s Worth Reading Today

Boehner and Obama

Pool photo by Olivier Douliery/Getty Images.

Poof, it’s gone! House speaker John Boehner has proposed a bill that would postpone dealing with the debt ceiling until mid-May—and would force lawmakers to come up with a 2014 budget by April, or not get paid! Actually, their pay would go into an escrow account. Actually, there is no debt ceiling, it’s just an HBO reality show. Actually… (CNNMoney)

Google search. The desktop-based search business is waning, as more people conduct their lives on mobile devices. Despite its new line of Nexus phones and tablets, Google is struggling to compete in the mobile realm against niche services like Yelp and now Facebook. Too bad they can’t Google the answer. (NYT)

It’s all fun and games…until that topless pic you sexted to your ex last year shows up on a porn site. They’re calling it “revenge porn”, and women are suing to stop it. (WSJ)

Hands up. Groupon is suspending all gun-related deals, including weapons purchases and visits to shooting ranges. Overpriced twofers to bad restaurants you’ll never visit are still available, however. (HuffPo)

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