Stealth Job Hunting Tips

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It’s 2013, and you’ve resolved to go after your dream job. But what if you still have a 9-to-5? Hunt discreetly with these tips from career and life coach Lauren Mackler.

Revamp your online presence
Change your LinkedIn settings so updates don’t go out to your entire network. Then, in the summary section, “promote your expertise, not your current workplace, by changing your title from ‘Operations Analyst at XYZ Company’ to ‘Operations Expert’,” Mackler says.

Mackler also cautions against posting your resume on LinkedIn—or anywhere online. You want to be in control of who sees it, and you should tailor it to each job you apply for.

Network, carefully
Make a list of people you trust who work outside your company but in your field, and ask them for contacts who could be resources for informational meetings. Emphasize that this is confidential. Most people will get it. And remember that you can keep meetings casual, even if you’re looking for opportunities.

Mind your business
It’s a no-brainer that you shouldn’t send out resumes from your work email. But don’t do anything job-hunt-related from your work computer, printer, fax, etc. Not only do many companies track Internet usage, Mackler says, it’s far too easy to leave a tell-tale document lying around.


Out of the Box
Don’t confide in a colleague that you’re looking—even if they could help. It’s too risky, Mackler says, plus you don’t want to put a pal in the awkward position of keeping your secret.


Dream on. Have you successfully job-hunted while working?

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