Improve Your Career Without Switching Jobs

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Everyone wants to love their job, but most people don’t.

Good news: you can boost your job satisfaction (and possibly your pay grade) simply by tailoring your existing job to fit you better.

Do more of what you want…
Think about the work you most enjoy doing, then find a way to tailor that work to your company’s needs.

Don’t rock the boat with a request to transfer into another department. Start small—offer to take on a few extra responsibilities or spearhead a project you’re excited about. Your genuine enthusiasm for the work will show, and help your manager make better decisions about how to use your talents in the future.

…and less of what you don’t
When it comes to getting rid of the work you don’t like, you have two options.

    1. If you have any kind of seniority, you can make a legitimate case for pushing some busy work down the line to a greener employee.


  1. If that doesn’t work, just find a way around the boring stuff. Is there a program that would make data entry less of a snooze? (Bosses love efficiency.) Maybe a friend’s high school daughter would like to earn a few dollars a week as an intern at your office. Her first task could be taking care of that pile of papers that need filing.

The more important responsibilities you take on (and the fewer inconsequential ones), the more you’re worth to your company. Voila, you’ve made yourself happier—and put yourself in a better light if you do end up job-hunting.

Poof! Have you ever morphed a dreary job into a dreamy one?

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