Hone Your Inner Capitalist

DailyWorthBoard games aren’t just for kids. They’re for capitalists, too. If you think you’re lacking a healthy dose of aggression, perhaps a timid approach to sales, or simply mystified by your inability to earn money you want, consider learning a board game called Settlers of Catan. Here’s how it works:

{think Monopoly, just more cerebral}


* The “board” is an island and your goal is to colonize it
* Colonies consist of roads, houses and cities
* Take turns rolling the dice
* Collect resources
* Use resources to build and earn points
* Negotiate with competitors to get resources you need to build
* Sit back and collect (colonies generate more resources)
* Build more
* Haggle and razz your competitors
* Earn 10 points to win the game

Learn more about Settlers of Catan:
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Double Duh

On Wednesday, we omitted our source. On Thursday, our “omission” note contained a non-working link. Who knew our errors could result in such publicity for Jan? Presenting to you, the one and only, ScoutieGirl.com — Jan’s amazing blog for the passionately handmade. If for some reason our link fails again, please Google “ScoutieGirl.”


Good Question

Yesterday, Laura Brown asked a great question on our blog:

i think the vocab is totally helpful, although when i read the ones related to investments, i still am not sure how to take that information and make it work for me. do i call my 401k person? who is that? do i have to get an investor person? how do i know who to trust? these are my questions …


Good question. I am going to ask DailyWorth contributer and esteemed finance advisor Galia Gichon of Down-to-Earth Finance (website) (blog). Galia, let’s connect offline, k? We’ll get back to you next week, Laura.