What I learned from Jody Sherman

Jody Sherman



Today’s CreateWorth is a tribute to Jody Sherman, the former CEO of Ecomom.com, a website that specializes in providing eco-friendly and organic products. He took his own life a few days ago.

Jody helped me make sense of myself in this world—a world where for most of my life I thought of myself as too intense or delusionally idealistic to fit anywhere.

Girls (so I thought) were supposed to dream about carpeted split-levels and baking cookies for their kids. As a 7 year-old, I’d fantasize about flying planes over Somalia to deliver food, or marching into Palestine to ask, Can we resolve this already? I feel most at home when I’m not home—out in the mess of the world, working on solutions to huge, systemic problems.

Jody was referred to me as a mentor through the 500 Startups network. Talking to him on the phone one day, I suddenly got it: I fit with people like Jody, the ones that get called crazy, the ones with “boundless energy.” Coming in contact with wild-haired, larger-than-life, so-called-manic people helped me feel more at home in my own skin. Through Jody I realized that I’m not a freak—I’m an entrepreneur. Oh!

Last year, when I was raising venture capital for DailyWorth, I spent hours on the phone with Jody, talking about what it’s really like running a business.

“It’s a panic-euphoric spectrum of emotion,” he said to me. “So much of both. Very little in-between.”

Jody helped me understand that I wasn’t alone, and helped me make sense of so many intense feelings that drive me and so many of you.

In honor of Jody, I just want to send a big hug to all my fellow entrepreneurs out there. You’re not alone in your intense ups and downs. I wish it wasn’t too late to hug Jody.

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