Apple fight…Grammy coverup…& more

dow jones photo

Floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Mood swings.
The Dow dropped more than 100 points in intraday trading, for the fourth day in this short month, signaling general pessimism about the economy, jobless claims (which continue to be high), and Europe, bien sur. (WSJ)

Apple picking.
How much cash does Apple (AAPL) have? About $137 billion—and some investors are pressuring the company to issue preferred stock, which would pay out some of those profits. Apple hopes shareholders will vote against that in its annual meeting on Feb. 27. (CNNMoney)

Birth rights.
Joyce Banda, president of Malawi, has introduced a new policy to improve the country’s shocking 1-in-36 maternal mortality rate. In the U.S. 1 in about 2,400 women die in childbirth. (NYT)

Got you covered?
If you were anticip—er, worried about any “wardrobe malfunctions” during this Sunday’s 55th Grammy Awards, CBS has asked awards staff to make sure that “buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered.” Dang. Luckily, you can view a gallery of recent offenses here. (USAToday)

Runway madness.
In case you’ve forgotten why NY Fashion Weeks is cray-cray fun (if you ever knew), you need this slideshow. (NY Mag)

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