Every Woman Can Learn Programming

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Want to be super-employable and well-paid? Learn how to write Web programming code—it’s not nearly as difficult as you think.

About 250,000 new software developer jobs will be created in the U.S. over the next decade, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s double the growth rate of jobs overall, and doesn’t count web designers, project managers and marketing positions.

The median annual salary for developers, meanwhile, is $90,530 per year, more than double the national average.

Coding isn’t the geeky, solitary trade you might think it is. You’re building things, so it’s creative. There’s a lot of problem-solving involved. The job lends itself to working remotely, which is appealing for moms. And developers often work in teams—in fact, some companies insist on it.

Plus, coding is a brag-worthy skill, especially since women make up just 19% of software developers in the U.S.

Try some of the beginner-friendly online courses out there. Skillcrush (a woman-owned business) and Codeacademy offer affordable, interactive programs.

Start with simpler stuff, like HTML and CSS for building web pages, says Skillcrush co-founder Adda Birnir. Then ratchet it up to JavaScript and get really ambitious with Ruby, Python, or PHP.

Zuckerberg better watch his back.

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