The Most Important Task in Business

woman in small office

When you’re an entrepreneur, the to-do list never ends. There are emails from your bookkeeper, hires to make, bugs to fix, clients to call. The constant flow of tasks can be dizzying.

When I feel overwhelmed, I have a mantra that I use to center myself: Revenue solves all problems.

All too often we think if we just make the product better, or write another blog post, then we’ll make more money—but there isn’t necessarily a direct causal relationship between them. A business succeeds when it makes money, and too many tasks don’t directly support sales.

My mantra helps strip away all the unnecessary stuff. I focus on revenue by reviewing deals in the pipeline, calling on prospects, sending reminders to existing clients who owe us payments, checking our bank balance, and doing whatever else it takes to get cash in the door.

I think about what’s going to build revenue—and that helps me focus.

Problems solved.

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