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government cuts

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Why is it called a sequester?

Putting aside the name issue (fiscal cliff, sequester, what next?), the big S boils down to about $85 billion in federal budget cuts that will take effect March 1, most of which won’t even have an impact on how fast our debt is growing.

If Congress doesn’t act—and how often have we heard that phrase lately?—the folks who will feel the pain include those getting unemployment benefits between March and September, federal workers who face a 22-day furlough, and elderly people who rely on Meals on Wheels. Nice. (CNN Money)

Annie, get your fund.

Adding to the ongoing debate over why women do and don’t invest—which we keep close tabs on here at DW—a new article suggests that women find investing too masculine. Or Wall Street has simply made zero effort to reach us. Unclear.

Put down the Cheetos.

And in case Congress, or the Pistorius case, gives you the stress munchies, read this expose of precisely how the recreational food industry sucks you in. It’s loooong, so grab a pint of B&J and settle in for a good read. (NYT)