Happy stocks…Skins in Milan & more

balloons and confetti


There could be $85 billion in federal cuts tomorrow—or not, depending on how the so-called sequester plays out in Congress today. Either way, the markets are enjoying a rally that has taken the Dow and the S&P 500 to highs not seen since 2007. Sort of like when the passion comes back into your marriage. (CNN/Money)


Iceland has long banned the printing and distribution of pornography; now they are trying to ban it online. “Surely if we can send a man to the moon, we can tackle porn on the Internet,” said one government aid. How about those annoying email chain letters, too? (CNN)

Act two.

The Violence Against Women Act expired in 2011, and now Congress is poised to renew the law and expand it. Sadly, people in same-sex marriages still won’t be covered. (Fox)

Pretty things.

Designers at NY Fashion Week showed a weakness for luxury, but it’s really snowballed in Milan. It’s all about skins—leather, croc, mink—and, weirdly, pajamas. (WSJ)

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