Stop. Apologizing.


Anyone notice lately how good women are at apologizing when they need to — and when they don't? Sometimes it seems like a constant stream of “I'm sorry” is flowing out of our mouths. We're sorry when we win, when we lose, when we promote ourselves and our business, when we get ahead or fall behind, when we outdo our friends or colleagues, when we miss the tennis ball and lose the match. What is up with that? It's okay to be good at what you do, to beat the competition, win praise (and a raise) or promote your abilities. It doesn't make you a braggart — it makes you a confident, ambitious, well-adjusted woman. Stop apologizing already!

Social media strategist Jessica Smith offers up an engaging and worthwhile call to women entrepreneurs to stop apologizing for wanting success. We think it applies to all women. Read her piece here.

Women Grow Business

This morning, we're proud to occupy the feature space on You've likely seen the DailyWorth post before — it's a cross-post of our "Sell your ASSets" article — but the blog itself is worth checking out. It covers the big picture experience of women in small business, entrepreneurship, and more.