7 Symptoms of Underearning

Mikelann Valterra

Underearning is the “pattern of earning less than your potential,” according to Mikelann Valterra, a speaker, money coach and director of the Women’s Earning Institute. Basically, it’s the age-old rut many women fall into of chronically underselling themselves, their skills, their potential, their valuable ideas and, ultimately, their worth. Underearning may be a recent addition to our 21st-century lexicon, but it’s a familiar concept: Most women don’t ask for what they deserve or what they’re worth. Consequently, they don’t get it.

If you think you’re not earning what you’re worth, you are in good company — with women in the highest echelons of corporate big-dealness, small-business owners and lone freelancers, many (if not most) of whom are probably underearning. Okay, now that you know what underearning is, what are you going to do about it?

Read more about what Mikelann Valterra has to say on the subject in 7 Symptoms of Underearning, and learn how to break the pattern of accepting less than you deserve.

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