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Q and A with Lily Peachin, founder of Dandelion Wine NYC



Every entrepreneur knows that support is crucial to success.

When your business banking is simple and supportive, you have more time to grow the company of your dreams—like a laid-back, expertly curated wine shop. We talked to Lily Peachin, owner of Dandelion Wine in Brooklyn, to find out how she runs her business.

DailyWorth: Tell us about Dandelion Wine!

Lily Peachin: Dandelion Wine (a.k.a. Dandy) is a relaxed, funky boutique wine shop in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We handpick little gems you don’t see anywhere else and have an eclectic selection from all over the world.

DW: What inspired you to open your own shop?

LP: I always wanted my own business. I come from a family of entrepreneurs; working for a large company never appealed to me. After years of tending bar and a stint as a salesperson for a wine distributor, I saw an opportunity to succeed as a small business owner in my evolving neighborhood. I signed a lease and never looked back.

DW: What’s the biggest logistical challenge of running your own business?

LP: Saving money. We’re lucky to have a growing business, which allows us to buy more wine every year, but I want to have more savings—especially considering I want to buy property in the neighborhood to give the shop more security.

DW: What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learned?

LP: Hiring (and keeping) a staff that shares your passion and knowledge is invaluable. Keep your staff happy! A happy staff makes for a healthy business.

The most important quality for a small business owner to have is: Insight—you need to know what is up! With your customers, your products, your staff, and your community.

My favorite summer wine is: Txakoli, a slightly sparkling, very dry white (or rosé) wine with high acidity and low alcohol content from the Basque region. It’s perfect for hot days and rich BBQ fare.

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