Surprise! 9 Credit Card Perks

  • By Emily Co, POPSUGAR Smart Living
  • May 19, 2013


Roadside assistance: Many credit cards offer emergency roadside assistance, so call customer service to have a tow truck come in a jiffy or to get other roadside emergency services like tire changes.

Extended warranty: Your warranty generally gets automatically extended by about a year if you purchase the item with your credit card. This benefit isn't just for electronics; it applies to everything that comes with a warranty, including kitchen appliances and luggage.

Price protection: If you see the price of an item you just bought go down in the next one to two months, you may receive a refund for the difference.

Concierge service: Your credit card may offer concierge services that will make dinner reservations, buy event tickets, coordinate business arrangements, and more.

Return guarantees: If you can't return an item to a store, your credit card company may refund your purchase up to a certain amount and within a time limit.

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