Dealing with Doubts

Today’s guest blog post was provided by transition coach and writer Deborah A. Bailey (

Deborah BailySo what happens when you have doubts about your business dream? You can see it…most of the time. Other times it seems much too difficult or too far away from your current reality to ever manifest. Perhaps people have told you that you’re crazy, or that you aren’t the type of person to take such risks.

You’re juggling a day job with your business and feeling overwhelmed by both. At times like that you can wonder why you thought you could bring your dream into reality. What were you thinking? To be honest, if a lot of entrepreneurs knew what they were getting into, they might have run away screaming instead of starting a business. The thing is, dreams don’t go away that easily. You may try to dismiss them, but they’re always in the back of your mind.

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