Summer Howard Bags Her Divorce Baggage

Summer Howard shares her experience with DailyWorth’s eLearning program, Money Clarity. Money Clarity begins again June 3rd. You can register here.

You’d think that as a divorce counselor, I’d know a thing or two about “money baggage” and would be able to avoid accumulating some of my own. Not so. Until recently, I was a financial disaster.

I had accrued debt from starting a business, and I hadn’t looked at my finances in detail in a whopping six years. To really serve my clients, I was going to have to work through my own issues first. So I signed up for Money Clarity.

Facing the truth about my income and expenses was bone-chillingly scary. It’s fascinating how much we think we can live in financial denial for years, and why we believe it’s workable and even advantageous to do so. But as the reality of my money situation came to light, I began to feel less terror and more relief.

Creating a detailed and workable plan to pay off my debt was a huge bonus. Had I not gone through a structured program for my personal finances, I wouldn’t have known where to start. I’ve proceeded to cut out recurring payments on my credit card and automate payments to avoid late charges.

But beyond the results, I was also struck by the emotional aspect of Money Clarity. I could grasp for the first time how deeply wounded I was by the attitude toward money I developed after I separated from my ex-husband and began life as a single mom.

I’m most excited about how I’ve overcome my fear of communicating about money with my partner. I don’t get ashamed or defensive anymore. I’ve started a regular conversation with my husband about joint finance realities and goals. And with my own “money baggage” gone, I can pass my learnings on to my clients.

Summer Howard is a Certified Divorce Coach from Louisville, Colorado.

The next session of Money Clarity begins June 3rd, 2013. Sign up for Money Clarity here.

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